about latitude thirteen

img_4121-400Well, here we are.  It has been 9 months since we started our assignment here in Guam, and we are finally getting a blog up and running so it will be easier to share our experiences with you!  Latitude thirteen is the location of this tiny spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  You may think there could not be much happening on an island only about 30 miles long and 9 miles wide.   Seriously, it takes longer to drive from Shell Knob to Nixa than it does to make it from one end of the island to the other!!  But the islands all the way from Palau to the Marshall Islands are cared for by the Guam Branch and they actually cover an area equal to the area between New York and California.  The difference is 95% of that area is water!  There are so many things are happening here in the Guam branch territory, and we are thrilled to have a tiny, tiny part of it.  We will try to post lots of pictures so you can really get an idea of life in Micronesia.  We have so much we want to share!