14 Sep 2012 District Convention 2012
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As always, the district convention was an exciting and busy time here in Guam.  Missionaries and other delegates from the outer islands converged on Guam to be part of this exciting event on Aug 3-5, 2012.


Baptism is always a highlight…but this year, of the seven baptized, two were from our congregation and very special to us.  And to top it off, Travis had the privilege of doing the baptizing.  Travis studied with Jacob for the past year, and the Perez family has treated us like family since the moment we arrived on Guam.  We love them! 11 year old Renee….well, she needs no words to describe how special she is.



I’m happy to use up most of my lunch guest passes during the weeks before and after convention!  It’s so fun to invite friends from the outer islands in to see bethel.  They show so much hospitality to us when we are in the islands…its really the least we can do to repay their kindness.


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