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17 Sep 2012 more majuro….
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just having some fun with some of these photos….

woja party

 marshallese translation team, construction servants, bethelites and special pioneers

const group

group construction photo after the first meeting in Laura

laura kh

johnsons and brooks


allen, brennan, tyrone, rodrigo, alan, and ricky (or romar)

da girlz

long lost family….lacey, elizabeth, starlee




ellie and lace



russ-ellie uke

15 Sep 2012 russ and ellie in majuro
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the construction group really has become like family to trav and i.  so how awesome has it been to have russell and elizabeth be part of that family too.  they fit right in, and are loving every minute of their majuro experience with the construction group.  we had so much fun working with them, and playing with them.




and scibettabelieve we always have a good time with matthew

14 Sep 2012 majuro construction
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This trip to Majuro was really special, well, every trip to Majruo is special.  But this time we were able to be there for the first meeting in the new Kingdom Hall in Laura!  This also meant we were there for the week leading up to the first meeting, which meant crunch time on the finishing up the new Kingdom Hall.  But we were so happy to be there for the excitement!



The first meeting in Laura was also very special, because Tyrone gave his first public talk at that  meeting.  It was almost overwhelming, sitting at that meeting, thinking of how amazing it is to be a part of something so special.  The growth not only in the building work and seeing these Kingdom Halls being built in Micronesia, but the growth of the brothers in our construction group.  Wow.  A proud moment….sorry Tyrone, if you saw tears in my eyes during your talk.  I was so proud.



The construction in Rita is coming along too.  Soon, the group from Laura will join the group in Rita to finish the missionary home renovation.  We had an awesome time in Rita and can’t wait to see the finished product.


14 Sep 2012 cetti bay hike-guam
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sliding down steep hills covered in sword grass, wading through waist deep rivers, and 3 hours later, ending up at a beautiful beach….sound like fun to you?  if not, don’t ever go on the cetti bay hike.  but if you love adventure and a good workout, with spectacular views to boot, then cetti bay to sella bay is the hike for you.  had a blast with everyone…including our boys that did NOT bring enough water!  shame shame.  but everyone survived, and reward at the end some mexican food at Caliente’s (even though we were all exhausted).  good times…



14 Sep 2012 District Convention 2012
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As always, the district convention was an exciting and busy time here in Guam.  Missionaries and other delegates from the outer islands converged on Guam to be part of this exciting event on Aug 3-5, 2012.


Baptism is always a highlight…but this year, of the seven baptized, two were from our congregation and very special to us.  And to top it off, Travis had the privilege of doing the baptizing.  Travis studied with Jacob for the past year, and the Perez family has treated us like family since the moment we arrived on Guam.  We love them! 11 year old Renee….well, she needs no words to describe how special she is.



I’m happy to use up most of my lunch guest passes during the weeks before and after convention!  It’s so fun to invite friends from the outer islands in to see bethel.  They show so much hospitality to us when we are in the islands…its really the least we can do to repay their kindness.