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11 Jul 2012 eneko island
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while majuro itself is a beautiful island, there is nothing like taking a nice leisurely boat ride out to another tiny island, to enjoy some fun in the sun.  we were so happy everyone took this rare opportunity, with both construction groups working on the same island, to enjoy some recreation together on our day off.  eneko island is about a 30 minute boat ride away from majuro, and yes, that’s me driving the boat.  the pictures can do the rest of the talking….

as a side point, I might mention that it did take a little bit of persuasion to talk some into going on this day-trip.  I guess when you grow up on an island, and you are currently working on an island, it seems a little wasteful to spend money to go to another island.  but in the end, I think everyone was really happy with the day. 

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volleyball at eneko….these guys mean business!


matthew, the idea is to get it over the net.  here, let alan show you how

mustache mania needs no explanation….