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20 Jan 2012 ebeye….the finished product…!!!
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New KH 006

Isn’t this building beautiful??  The dedication of the Ebeye Kingdom Hall will be on Saturday, January 28th.  What a grand witness has been given on this tiny island! 

11 Jan 2012 guam south
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the guam south project is well underway!  with awesome congregation support and an enthusiastic construction group, the project will be done in no time.  so I figure I better get some pictures posted because before we know it, this Kingdom Hall will also be finished!



as you can see, just a few short weeks later and a lot of work has been accomplished.  the columns have been poured and we spent the day prepping for the slab pour.  definitely a great way to spend our saturday!



while a large crew was working on the site, travis and a group of fine young men were digging holes for the fence to go around the property.  they all had a great time together, and afterwards we drove down to merizo pier to go for a swim.   nate, brandon, spencer and jared….looking forward to many more good times with these guys!!


on a side note….we have ALMOST all of KHG-A here on guam.  11 out of the 12 are settling in quite nicely.  scibettabelieve one of them is still in ebeye, due to an unfortunate issue involving a passport, a container, and a blonde.