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29 Mar 2011 best week ever!
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Well actually it was the best two weeks ever….mom and dad came to Guam!  We have been waiting for this since we arrived in Guam and we were so happy that our first visitors from Missouri were mom and dad.  We had such a great time showing them around Guam and introducing them to all our friends here.  And for Travis and I it was a good excuse to take some vacation days and be tourists with them!  Here are some of the highlights:




well as if you can’t tell from the pictures, we enjoyed every second. 

thanks mom and dad……love you and miss you already. 

12 Mar 2011 tsunami warning
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Hi friends

I just want to post a quick note to let you know that all is well here in Guam.  As you know, Guam was under a tsunami warning following the earthquake near Japan.  But nothing much really materialized in Micronesia, and everyone is safe and sound.  The disaster relief committee was quick to organize sending warnings out to all the islands, and where necessary friends were moved to higher elevations away from the coastline.  Travis was in Chuuk when the earthquake occurred, and the only consequence was that his flight back to Guam was cancelled which extended his stay there. 

Thank you for your emails of concern…..hopefully this post will put a few more minds at ease.   Please continue to pray for the brothers and sisters in Japan and other affected areas.