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29 Jan 2011 rebar, rebar, and more rebar
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last month local volunteers here on Guam had an opportunity to offer help for the construction project on ebeye.  one container of rebar was delivered to the branch, and a team of volunteers started cutting and bending rebar for the columns and beams.  Jarrod Klingbeil also headed up constructing a ‘practice’ column, as the ebeye project will be our first two story building.  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.






this container of rebar was shipped to ebeye a few weeks ago.  so far, nine containers of equipment and materials have arrived in ebeye for the construction project.  travis was in ebeye last week with the construction group so hopefully I will have some photos from ebeye to post when he arrives back on guam. 

29 Jan 2011 we are fam-i-ly
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Here we are, the entire Guam Bethel family. 

We have our crazy moments….for example…”lets all get in the stairwell for a group photo!” 

Sunday evening was our third annual ‘floor party’.  With all of our crazy schedules, it takes careful planning to find an evening that we can all come together. 

But its definitely worth the effort: the food, the fun and the friends.  

28 Jan 2011 pumpkin pie anyone?
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Renee and LaceyI want you all to meet a friend of mine, 10 year old Renee Li.  Isn’t she adorable?  She has the difficult task of trying to teach me new Chinese words from time to time.  I was relieved to know that she thinks I’m a ‘fast learner’….. quite a compliment coming from this little smarty.  Last week we had a talk together on the Theocratic Ministry school.  I picked Renee up after work one day so we could practice, but for an illustration in the talk, I needed to know what type of food Renee did not like to eat.  So I asked her, and the conversation went something like this:

So Renee what kind of food do you not like to eat?

After thinking deeply about this for a good minute, Renee says “I can’t really think of a food I don’t like to eat….but I used to not like pumpkin pie.”

“Pumpkin pie? You didn’t like pumpkin pie?”

“No, but I do now.  I trained myself to like it.”

“You trained yourself to like pumpkin pie?  Why did you do that?”

“Because I think you guys eat a lot of pumpkin pie at Bethel, and someday I really really want to live at Bethel.”

(chuckling) “Why do you think we eat a lot of pumpkin pie at bethel?”

“Because a long time ago when I at lunch at Bethel, there was pumpkin pie.  And I didn’t eat any of it because I didn’t like it.  After that I decided if I want to live at bethel I better learn to like pumpkin pie.  So I trained myself to like it.”


Spending a few hours with Renee made me realize I should hang out more with 10 year olds like her.  She is funny, smart and she is serious about the goals she is setting.  Her parents are doing a fantastic job teaching her to love the truth.  I’m so happy to call her my friend.