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17 Dec 2010 container madness
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the ebeye project is unique in many ways…..actually it is unique in almost every way you can imagine.  this project involves a lot more shipping than normal as all materials for the project have to be shipped to the island.  last week jared and marisa were in majuro arranging for the loading of the first barge of block, sand and aggregate to be shipped to ebeye.  if you look closely at the picture, you can see marisa standing by the barge.  wow!


meanwhile, back at the branch it was container madness!!  we worked feverishly to pack a 40’ container with materials for the project.  our priority was getting the materials to ebeye for constructing barracks for the construction group to live in.  but also included in this load was some rebar, appliances, food, beds, and most of the plumbing and electrical supplies for the kingdom hall and missionary home.  to make a long story short, we learned some valuable lessons on how to pack a 40’ container with 67,000lbs of materials.  we spent three evenings loading and unloading, loading and unloading. (unloading because of being overweight, and then out of balance)  but the beauty of it all was seeing so many willing to jump in and help us.  if it had only been the members of the kingdom hall construction desk (travis, jarrod klingbeil and myself) then it would have been an impossible feat.  but many members of the bethel family saw our plight, and willingly helped late into the evenings.  we also called in the troops, great friends from some of our congregations that were more than happy to help.  what a week!  here are some photos of our late night fun container unloading and loading.






Kevin strikes a pose.  This is what happens when an accountant gets out of his bethel office….


Rachel and Veronica were a huge help.  Their parents Dave and Valerie Daniels are Kingdom Hall construction servants in Ebeye.


I think someone from every department in bethel helped us with this container.  Looking pretty and happy despite the late hour is Tomoko (laundry queen) Dawn (housekeeping hotline) and Tabatha (kitchen-chef extraordinaire).  Kristin is here too, one of my good friends from the Barrigada congregation. 

They are getting ready to load these doors into the container….you go girls!







Herb and Hide take a well-deserved break.  Awww isn’t that cute?







Others that helped us included Matt Lee (his brother Kevin is a kingdom hall construction volunteer right now), Atsushi, Barak, Roger, Keith, Mel, Chris, AJ, Vince, Micah, Leroy, Chelsea, Dave, Wayne…..and there are possibly others I am forgetting.  Thanks to everyone!!


Finished!  Or are we??






Ok, now we are finished for real!!


Around midnight after the final packing, travis received a surprise courtesy of micah and chris…..this is one way to celebrate being finished!!



16 Dec 2010 the crew in kosrae
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These pictures were all taken in Kosrae, but now only 7 members of the group remain in Kosrae, while 11 are now in Ebeye.  I love these pictures taken by Polli, isn’t this a good-looking construction team??


16 Dec 2010 First meeting in new Kosrae Kingdom Hall
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These pictures were taken by Polli Andrews, photographer extraordinaire.  Jeff and Polli Andrews are newly appointed Kingdom Hall construction servants and they are a pleasure to be around.  They are currently in Kosrae helping wrap up the construction project.  Travis and I had the privilege of working and living with Jeff and Polli for three weeks in Majuro while working on the Woja Translation Office project….we shared many laughs and many good times, some of them I may eventually share, but many will forever remain locked away in the Andrews-Brooks vault of secrets.  Thanks, Polli-ay for letting me use some of your pictures to share this very special occasion in Kosrae.