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16 Sep 2010 smiling faces
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we are so happy to see new ones volunteering to help out in the islands.  here are a few that have made a great addition to the group:

Obed and Ramir from SaipanP9070147


Kevin Lee from Guam South Congregation




Brennan is ready to fight, yes, fight the relentless rays of sunshine that will no doubt be beating down on him all day long. 

Here’s another picture where you can actually see that Brennan is a normal human being.  He is from the Dededo congregation in Guam and we are so glad he is getting to experience being part of the construction group. 


And not to forget our hardworking construction servants…….

Alan actually gave me a few smiles for pictures this time:

….and of course Alan wouldn’t always give me a smile.  But, he does always work hard.  We love getting to work with Alan when visiting the group!


Shem has skilz.  And he is always wearing a smile (except when his boot got caught in the rebar during the pour) :) 

Everyone is all smiles as they load up at the end of a long but satisfying day of work.  P9070296


16 Sep 2010 roof pour in action
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Kingdom Hall roof pour

Kingdom Hall roof pour

(click on links above to see quick video clips)

I know, I know….my video taking skills leave much to be desired.  But at least you can get an idea of how we pour concrete on Kosrae.

11 Sep 2010 coconut anyone???
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There is nothing more refreshing on a sunny roof pour day than a cold coconut!  While some refreshments (gatorade, juice, etc) are in short supply on a small island like kosrae, coconuts are the one thing you can count on.  We were so grateful that the local brothers and sisters made sure we had plenty on a day like this! 



Amy and I take a short break on the roof…as usual I am a disaster and amy looks awesome.  How did I get so much dirtier and sweatier than you Amy?  What can I say, you make construction look good!



Jony Medina enjoys his last coconut in kosrae.  Jony headed back to texas on friday…the group will sure miss him!  Thank you Jony for all your help!






P9070275Scibetta strikes a pose:  Matt definitely earned coconuts on this roof pour.  Once again Matt showed that his Georgia crete slingin skills are valuable even in the most remote part of the earth.  Matt will stay with the crew in kosrae until november 10, and at that point we may have to kidnap him and keep him around for just for comic relief. 

Hi Mike and Elaine!  Matt said to tell you hello!  :)

10 Sep 2010 kosrae kingdom hall roof pour
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If you’re thinking “wow, didn’t they just pour the roof of the missionary home less than two months ago?”  you would be correct.  The construction group really kicked things into high gear over these past two months.  On July 19th, they began digging the footings of the kingdom hall (by hand).  And this past week, on September 7th, we poured the roof of this beautiful 80-seat kingdom hall in Kosrae.  We were very excited to have 10 sisters and 2 brothers from Pohnpei come over to help!  The construction group has welcomed 4 new construction volunteers in the past month (Obed and Ramir from Saipan, and Kevin and Brennan from Guam) and Zak and Naomi Debeque were appointed as construction servants last month.  It was so nice to see good friends in the construction group again, and great to make new friends too!  Here are a few pictures…I will post more soon. 


Current picture of construction servants and volunteers in Kosrae



Kingdom Hall with missionary home in the background




These volunteers came from Pohnpei at their own expense.  Not only did they provide much needed help at the construction site, they also brought coolers full of food and snacks for the construction group.  The snacks kept coming all week, even after the pour!  It was great to see these friends again, most of them I had not seen since the roof pour in January on Pohnpei!




More pictures soon…….