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22 Aug 2010 District Convention 2010
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Our District Convention was held on August 6-8 at the University of Guam.  We had a peak attendance of 1282 and 20 were baptized.  It was so exciting to see the many interested ones in attendance as well as many that flew in from the islands.  Also included in the attendance number were our construction group in Kosrae!  They were able to be tied in via internet and listen to the entire convention, and they were even able to watch the drama! 

The week before the  convention is an exciting time at bethel because all the missionaries from the islands start arriving.  We have Missionary Meal, a fun-filled evening with all the missionaries and bethelites.  This year we also planned a family night program and you can be sure we all enjoyed ourselves!

IMG_6951  IMG_6977





Above:  These are five of our new brothers and sisters!

Below:  good times with good friends.  Three of our missionaries are pictured here on the right: Jodie and Starlee (Majuro) and Kathy (Kosrae). 


Its so hard to say go171odbye…..This is Cathy, Chastidy and Chloe.  They have been like family to me in the year and a half they lived here in Guam.  They are now back in California and needless to say we miss them very much!  We had a lot of fun together, especially that last Tuesday eating ice cream on the beach then getting rained on….right girls?  :)  Miss you!