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05 Apr 2010 next stop….kosrae
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While a few members of the construction group are still in Pohnpei putting the finishing touches on the new Kingdom Hall, part of the group has moved on to the island of Kosrae to get started on the new Kingdom Hall, Missionary Home and Translation Office to be built there.  We only have a few pictures of the Kosrae project so far. But some of these other photos will give you an idea of some of the behind the scenes work that has been done here in Guam to prepare for the Kosrae project.  The members of the group in Kosrae have been busy getting the accommodations prepared for the rest of the volunteers that will soon be arriving there.  Getting accommodations ready involves more than just finding a place to rent, it involves many weeks of clean-up and minor renovations to the rooms and homes that will be ‘home’ to the construction group for the next 6-8 months.  The group is working very hard and adjusting to another island, language and congregation after leaving Pohnpei.  There are five remaining construction servants and volunteers in Pohnpei, we hope to show photos of the finished Kingdom Hall very soon! 



This is the property in Kosrae for the Kingdom Hall, Missionary Home and Translation Office.  Last week they poured footings for the Missionary  Home, so already the property has transformed from the way it looks in this picture. 





This lovely congregation has about 18 publishers.  The congregation will basically double in size during construction.  Already 11 construction servants and volunteers are in Kosrae! As you can imagine the impact will be great for both the congregation and the territory. 





IMG_5843This picture was taken back in January.  We were able to be in Kosrae the same time as Joe and Barak, two of our Branch Committee members (the two in front).  Also pictured here are two missionary couples; Jun and Evelyn Reselva and Sean and Kathy Miller along with Livingston, one of the Kosraean brothers.  By the way, after we left Kosrae Joe and Barak had also made arrangements to be with the construction group in Pohnpei for the unforgettable roof pour.  These brothers work tirelessly in behalf of the brothers and sisters throughout Micronesia and always with a smile on their face.  We are so happy to be a part of this family with them!


IMG_5948 Back in Guam….we received a container of rebar to be used for a few different upcoming projects.  We had a crew of willing volunteers come to the branch to cut and bend the rebar needed for the beams and columns in Kosrae.  Then we started packing up another 20’ container full of materials they will need in the coming months in Kosrae.  This is where the fun begins!  Home Depot becomes our best friend as we load up on appliances, lights, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, paint, thin-set, rebar, and yes, even food.  It is quite a process, and as always, a deadline to meet so we can get our container on the next ship out!  Here are some shopping and packing pictures.  Iris was my shopping partner one of the days…..all work, no play.  :)


IMG_0122[1] IMG_0123[1]


And then we wave goodbye to the container and hope everything makes it safely to Kosrae.  This container should arrive in Kosrae in mid-April.  All in a day’s work!  Well, actually that is weeks of work :)

04 Apr 2010 march madness
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Yes March was a busy month for us!  Lindsay and Iris Gill from the Australia branch were here for the month and we really enjoyed the time they spent with us.  Lindsay Gill is the Kingdom Hall Projects Overseer and works very closely with the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk here in Guam.  An added bonus during the month of March was having Ross and Josie Thomas, also from Australia bethel here in Guam.  Brother Thomas works in the Australia Regional Engineering Office and it was really nice getting to know Ross and Josie.  We enjoyed every minute spent with them and it was wonderful to learn from such experienced brothers and sisters.  We are learning more and more every day!  Also this month we had our Circuit Assembly and of course the Memorial, so it was a very busy month!  Here a few photos from the past month.


IMG_5971Lindsay and Iris Gill with us at the Circuit Assembly,

yes I’m having my cup of coffee at lunch time.



Ross and Josie Thomas



Here we are with the Frooches at the Memorial.  This month has been such a blur that I forgot to mention how HAPPY we are to have Jared and Marisa back with us in Guam.  They went to Australia for a two week ‘vacation’ in October that turned into a four month medical stay at the Australia branch.  We are just glad the the cankle is better now.  :)  They were a temporary part of the Australia bethel family, but now they are back in Guam where they belong.  And there is plenty of work for ALL of us here.  Now things are back to normal, apparently Marisa and I are ‘twins’ because some people still can’t seem to tell us apart.  Its very amusing!


Enjoying a few of the sights Guam has to offer.


Iris and I managed to find a way to place our last few tracts on the day of the Memorial