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27 Feb 2010 Saturday, January 23…..the roof pour!
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What an exciting day!  It began at 4:30AM with 76 in attendance for consideration of the daily text.  The mixers started right on schedule at 5:00AM and the work began!  Throughout the day the number of volunteers rose to 95.  There was much anticipation in the  weeks leading up to the roof pour, and everyone was eager to help. On one side of the Kingdom Hall, the bucket brigade worked non-stop handing buckets of concrete up to the roof.  On the other side of the Kingdom Hall, concrete was mixed and then lifted up by a crane.  The last batch of concrete was mixed at 4:30PM and there was loud cheering by the bucket brigade crew when we knew it had been accomplished!  The pictures can tell the rest of the story.  It was a great witness to the many onlookers that said it could not be accomplished.  The crane operator said we set a record for a roof pour on the island of Pohnpei.  And even more shocking to the crane operator and his helpers was the fact that all of the workers were volunteers, and the majority of those working were women.  Many wondered why we chose to use our own mixers and manual labor when ready-mix is available on island.  Well, most islands throughout Micronesia do not have ready-mix and we were anxious to see how it would go so that we will know what to expect when building on more isolated islands.  It was so exciting to see it come together so nicely, no doubt due to much advanced planning by the Construction Group as well as hard work by the local brothers and sisters.  And did I mention that the weather was perfect that day?  What a privilege that we were able to help with this monumental event!


P1140119 P1140127


P1140161 P1140163


Above:  The bucket brigade and ground mixing crew celebrates when we were finished! 

Below:  The roof crew also celebrates!  What a day!


06 Feb 2010 preparing for the roof pour
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We spent January 18-26 with the construction family in Pohnpei.  Saturday January 23 was a big day….the roof pour!!!  The group has spent weeks preparing for this big day and we were very happy to be able to help with it.  There are a lot of pictures……most of the pictures I am posting now are from the week before the roof pour.  I will put pictures from the day of the roof pour in a separate post.

Another warm Ponapean welcome at the airport!




IMG_5727 IMG_5721

Above: I can always count on Amy to help me shop!  And Emily was making delicious cookies when we arrived!

Below:  Meet Jarrod and Dawn Klingbeil.  When you hear loud laughter on site, you can usually trace it to Dawn!  :)


Here are several of our construction volunteers that came from Guam to help out.  Those that live in Micronesia can apply to help from two weeks to three months depending on their availability. 


Tamara and Valerie are finishing up the homemade granola and the kitchen crew on site stops for a quick picture.IMG_5765



This is a group shot of all of the Kingdom Hall Construction Servants, International Servants, Construction Volunteers from Guam and four that came from Guam Branch.  What a crew!!