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16 Aug 2009 University of Guam Field House
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For the first time, plans were made to hold the District Convention at a rented facility here on Guam.  In the past, they have had the Convention on two separate weekends here at the Kingdom Halls at the Branch because there is not sufficient space here for everyone to be here at the same time.  The University of Guam Field House was the perfect choice, as it is a well-known facility and all the Witnesses were excited to be together at one large convention instead of being split into two.  However, it did require some extensive clean-up, but this was an opportunity for us to show our willing spirit and unity and to give a fine witness to the community.  And the UOG officials had never seen anything like this.  Over 100 volunteers showed up the weekend before the convention to clean, power wash, bush cut and much more.  Besides the clean up efforts before the Convention, on the last day of the Convention it took only a matter of minutes for everyone to put away all the chairs and stack the flooring pieces.  The UOG employees were quite impressed and we all had fun in the process.  Here are some pictures of the big clean-up day. 


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Scraping gum off the bleachers…by the time it was all done the bag of gum weighed over 3 pounds.  That’s not counting all the gum that we scraped off all the floor mats!





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This is how I spent most of the day, scraping and scrubbing the floor pieces that protect the gym floor.  Fun, fun, fun!

16 Aug 2009 Guam Bethel Family
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                  A recent picture of our bethel family taken after Monday night Watchtower study.


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