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27 Jul 2009 My favorite tour group
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You would be surprised how many visitors we have come and tour the Guam Branch.  I would guess about half those touring the Branch are Japanese brothers and sisters vacationing in Guam.  But I want to introduce you to Alice and her seven sons.  Alice is from the island of Yap, and she is Bible Study that attends the Barrigada Congregation here in Guam.  She and her sons are a delight to be around.  Her oldest son Kevin recently gave his first talk on the Ministry School.  Travis and I also have a great time with the boys when they are able to join us for soccer on Sunday nights.  They toured the Branch on a Monday, which is my day to work in the kitchen.  One thing I usually get to do on Mondays is make the tour cookies!  And I was more than happy to give these eager boys each a cookie.  They also joined the Bethel family as guests for lunch.   So let me introduce you to my favorite tour group so far:  Kevin, John, Sam, Michael, Ethan, JJ, Jeremiah and their mother Alice.