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31 May 2009 kitchen remodel
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 Once in a while, we get an opportunity to jump in and help get a big project finished here at the Branch.  There are a lot of construction projects in the works at the Branch.  We have three International Volunteer couples that are feverishly working to remodel 4 of the residence rooms.  In the meantime, the kitchen had been in need of some updates for a long time.  So during the last few weeks that the Kingdom Hall Construction Group was still here on Guam, they tackled this not-so-small project.  It is the Bethel Kitchen, and none of the Bethelites volunteered to go hungry during the remodel :) so everyone had to work together, and the majority of the work had to be done on the weekends or after kitchen hours.  We were so happy to help with the work, even if it did mean a sacrifice of our free time on a few weekends. Our opportunities to actually ‘work’ in construction are limited now that our assignment is at the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk so we had a great time working on this project with ones from local congregations that volunteered to come and help.

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25 May 2009 what a place!!
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IMG_4146 IMG_4148

A view that makes you want to jump!!  This is Talafofo Bay, one of the many scenic spots to see when driving to the south side of Guam.  The south part of Guam is beautiful!  A nice drive around the south part of the island just making a few stops takes around 3 hours.  But if you want to stop and swim, or take a some short hikes, then you need an entire day!  We haven’t had a chance to take an entire day to go around, but this past weekend we took a morning drive with a couple from our congregation.  As you can see, it was a gorgeous morning!

23 May 2009 Asan Beach Park
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These pictures are from a congregation gathering back in September.  It was a going away party for a couple that were serving as International Volunteers here at the Branch.  Yes Bo and Michelle, I’m talking about you!  What a beautiful setting for a get-together.  In fact, we had another going away party there in February.  We attend the Central Congregation, and let me tell you, Central ROCKS!  We have around 80 publishers and we have the Chinese group in our congregation.  We have made some great friends here, and we love being in Central Congregation.




17 May 2009 Kingdom Hall Construction Group
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Here they are: the Kingdom Hall Construction Group!  These 7 awesome people are the crew that are out there getting the Kingdom Hall program underway here in Micronesia!  These 2 couples and 3 single brothers are the main work force, and they are helped by brothers and sisters in the local congregations of each island.  Our job here at the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk in Guam is to support the construction group as they make their way from project to project.  We will fill you in on more details of our assignment later,  but we want you to meet our friends that are out there doing the work!  These pictures are from a gathering a few months ago before they left.  The first picture shows the group: Alan and Tamara Cole, Alan Perez, Chris Kaai, Vince Perez and Jake and Amy Felby.  We loved having them all work here at the Branch with us, but we are thrilled that they are now working on the first project on the Island of Tinian.  You can see their proud families in the other photos.030-400

12 May 2009 welcome to micronesia
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A few months ago, we went to a Micronesian Fair at Ypao Beach here on Guam.  They had booths set up to display various crafts from each island, and they also had a stage set up with groups performing native dances from the islands.  Each island has a unique way of life.  Travis has visited congregations on several of the islands, and eventually I will post pictures from each of these places.  But this fair was a good way to see a little bit of each island all at once!

06 May 2009 meet the frooches
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We want to introduce you to two people that you will probably see in a lot of our photos: Jared and Marisa Fruciano.  They are also International Servants, they were serving in an Italian congregation in Boston, Massachusetts prior to being assigned here to Guam.  Jared is the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk overseer and Travis is the ‘assistant to the’ overseer.  So we work together, and we play together.  We are so happy to have the Fruciano’s here to share many of our Guam experiences with.


03 May 2009 guam scenery
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Here are some sights around the island.  There are so many beautiful things to see on Guam!!  But while we have seen some magnificent scenery, the most beautiful part of the island are the brothers and sisters we are able to be with.  We can’t wait to introduce you to many of the wonderful people helping made this an awesome experience for us!  But until then, enjoy these pictures…it sure doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by such great scenery!sany0471-400011-400sany0469-400anniversary-039-400anniversary-006-400 sany0448-400anniversary-004-400anniversary-030-400150-400145-400033-400

02 May 2009 circuit assembly
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We recently had our circuit assembly.  As always this is a great opportunity for photos!   You can see why sometimes Marisa and I stand out in the crowd.  “Great blonde’s think alike!”