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11 Jun 2009 saipan missionaries
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We enjoyed breakfast with the six missionaries that are serving on Saipan.  We also enjoyed time spent with some of the most wonderful families you can imagine.  Saipan is indeed a beautiful place, but the brothers and sisters there are out of this world!



11 Jun 2009 saipan
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In March, Travis was assigned to go to the island of Saipan to do some preliminary work for their upcoming Kingdom Hall renovation project.  I was thrilled to learn that I would get to go with him on this visit.  Yipppeee!  So we spent about 4 days on Saipan and 3 days on the island of Tinian.  Saipan is a small island, only 12 miles long and 6 miles wide with a diverse population of people from all over the world.  Saipan has two congregations, one English and one Tagalog.  Both congregations have about 90 publishers.  The English congregation is very unique because about 90% of the publishers speak English as their second language!  There are over 20 different language groups represented in the English congregation.  We were only with them for a few days, but we definitely felt the love that can only be found in Jehovah’s organization.  We stayed in the Circuit Overseer’s apartment and different ones from the congregation lovingly provided us with meals during our visit.  There are six missionaries serving with the English Congregation, and we enjoyed breakfast and morning worship with them while we were there.  We had a lot of work to do, including taking detailed measurements of the Kingdom Hall so Travis and Jared could plan the work that needs to be done there.  We also scoped out some potential apartments that will serve as rooming for the Kingdom Hall Construction Group and took hundreds of pictures of the Kingdom Hall and Missionary Home.  Now the Kingdom Hall Construction Group is preparing to start the work in Saipan!!  We are excited to see the improvements made to the center of pure worship on the island of Saipan!!




We were able to see some of the beautiful sights Saipan has to offer.  The water is an unbelievable shade of blue!  Gary Summers, one of the missionaries, was our tour guide. 


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