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16 Dec 2010 the crew in kosrae
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These pictures were all taken in Kosrae, but now only 7 members of the group remain in Kosrae, while 11 are now in Ebeye.  I love these pictures taken by Polli, isn’t this a good-looking construction team??


29 Nov 2010 don’t blink your eyes or you will miss something
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Yes, that is how quickly it seems things are happening around here.  Just wanted to give a quick update on the Kingdom Hall construction group.  The group has been working so hard to help the congregation on Kosrae get their Kingdom Hall completed.  Yesterday they held the first meeting in the new Kingdom Hall on Kosrae!  Peak attendance was 63, very exciting for this congregation of about 20 publishers!  Jared and Marisa were with the group this past week, and we were so happy that they were able to be with them for the first meeting.  I’ll try to snag a few pictures of the completed Kingdom Hall from Marisa when they get back to Guam.  (Thanks Maris!)  The first members of the group first arrived on Kosrae back in February, so Kosrae has been home to some of our construction group for ten months!  The missionary home is also nearly complete.  The missionary home has two rooms for the two couples assigned to this island, and the third room of the missionary home is the translation office. 

In the meantime, five members of the construction group have already moved on to the next island, Ebeye, to make preparations for this project.  Ebeye really will be a thrilling project and actually the preparations for this project began nearly 18 months ago.  I can’t wait to share some details about this project with you as we get closer to it.  But just to give you an idea of what Ebeye is like,  the total land area of this island is 1/8 of a square mile.  There is nowhere on the island to buy any of our construction materials, so that means we will be shipping ALL construction materials to Ebeye.  This includes cement, block, aggregate and yes even the sand.  Seems funny that we would need to ship sand to an island, but that is the truth.  So we look forward to sharing many details about this next project with you.   As each project ends and another begins, we are constantly reminded of what a privilege it is to be a part of something so special here in Micronesia.  Jehovah’s people are truly beautiful, and although Jehovah is allowing us to have a part in this amazing construction program, it’s really not about the construction, it’s about the people. 

17 May 2009 Kingdom Hall Construction Group
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Here they are: the Kingdom Hall Construction Group!  These 7 awesome people are the crew that are out there getting the Kingdom Hall program underway here in Micronesia!  These 2 couples and 3 single brothers are the main work force, and they are helped by brothers and sisters in the local congregations of each island.  Our job here at the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk in Guam is to support the construction group as they make their way from project to project.  We will fill you in on more details of our assignment later,  but we want you to meet our friends that are out there doing the work!  These pictures are from a gathering a few months ago before they left.  The first picture shows the group: Alan and Tamara Cole, Alan Perez, Chris Kaai, Vince Perez and Jake and Amy Felby.  We loved having them all work here at the Branch with us, but we are thrilled that they are now working on the first project on the Island of Tinian.  You can see their proud families in the other photos.030-400