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25 Jun 2012 frooches!
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it seems like just yesterday we were introducing you all to the Frooches: Jared and Marisa.  Well here we are 4 years later, 4 years older, and 4 years into a friendship that will last forever.  the frooches are leaving guam next week for their next assignment in South Africa.  saying goodbye?  well, its about the hardest thing you can imagine.  so here we are out in service together (it took 4 years for us to finally do that)….along with a few other of our favorite times with them. 


06 May 2009 meet the frooches
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We want to introduce you to two people that you will probably see in a lot of our photos: Jared and Marisa Fruciano.  They are also International Servants, they were serving in an Italian congregation in Boston, Massachusetts prior to being assigned here to Guam.  Jared is the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk overseer and Travis is the ‘assistant to the’ overseer.  So we work together, and we play together.  We are so happy to have the Fruciano’s here to share many of our Guam experiences with.