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14 Sep 2012 cetti bay hike-guam
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sliding down steep hills covered in sword grass, wading through waist deep rivers, and 3 hours later, ending up at a beautiful beach….sound like fun to you?  if not, don’t ever go on the cetti bay hike.  but if you love adventure and a good workout, with spectacular views to boot, then cetti bay to sella bay is the hike for you.  had a blast with everyone…including our boys that did NOT bring enough water!  shame shame.  but everyone survived, and reward at the end some mexican food at Caliente’s (even though we were all exhausted).  good times…



21 Apr 2012 not a bad setting for a bible study
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a few weeks ago debbie had the idea that we take elaine down to see the new Kingdom Hall being built in the south. afterward, we stopped at nimitz beach park to have our bible study….what great way to enjoy learning about Jehovah, both from creation and from studying the bible together

29 Mar 2011 best week ever!
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Well actually it was the best two weeks ever….mom and dad came to Guam!  We have been waiting for this since we arrived in Guam and we were so happy that our first visitors from Missouri were mom and dad.  We had such a great time showing them around Guam and introducing them to all our friends here.  And for Travis and I it was a good excuse to take some vacation days and be tourists with them!  Here are some of the highlights:




well as if you can’t tell from the pictures, we enjoyed every second. 

thanks mom and dad……love you and miss you already. 

09 Nov 2010 hike to sigua falls
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this hike is not for the faint of heart.  however if a slippery, muddy, and at times physically challenging hike is what you long for, then this is the hike for you.  of course, when I showed these pictures to others that have been on this hike, they said it was nothing like this when they went.  but TGB, that’s guam baby, never the same thing twice, a different experience every time.  the main reason we planned this particular hike is that it is a favorite of Hannah’s.  Hannah wanted to do this hike before she moved back to Texas.  she was able to help out here on Guam for the past year, and I was sad to see her go.  hopefully she will be coming back soon.  Hannah and I were the only girls to brave the hike on this particular day….I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking……



the hike starts out nice and easy….but very muddy.  tyrone was the first casualty he slipped into that big puddle of water but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera!  and after about 30 minutes, notice how clean Micah’s shoes are compared to mine.  how did he do it??



AJ is in mid-air as Josh and Hannah prepare to leap over the water.  Travis is ready to help on the other side….such a gentleman.

…….after passing this WWII tanker on the trail, we see the falls below and the trail started getting just a little tougher

finally we make it to the falls.  you may be thinking, man that water looks muddy, but believe me when you are hot, sweaty and already covered in mud, it doesn’t matter you just want to cool off.  so here we are jumping into the falls, literally. 



strike a pose





going up was more fun than going down, but there was some definite slipping going on.  Hannah is crazy, once we climbed out she wanted to go back down and climb out again.  She called it ‘monkeying up’ the rope.  I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but that is what it feels like when you’re climbing up there using the rope. 

apparently many people lose their shoes along this trail…..I thought it was strange until it happened to one of our own.  Josh went in with two shoes but came out in only his socks.

it was a fantastic day.  thank you hannah for forcing us to do one last hike before you left.  we miss you!!

06 Nov 2010 september 11, 2010
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hello friends and family!  there will be some updates coming soon on the construction end of things here in guam, but just in case you thought we were too busy to enjoy the island, here are some photos to prove otherwise.  our anniversary was on a saturday, and travis surprised me with renting scooters for the weekend (something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time)!  we got caught in the rain a few times, but that is to be expected here in guam.  enjoy the pics!








Last weekend we went on a hike to Sigua Falls.  It was a muddy, slippery and fantastic day.  I will post pics of that as soon as I get them downloaded.  Also coming soon, an update on progress in Kosrae and the news on the next project…..Ebeye!

28 Jun 2009 camping at shark’s cove
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We took this picture from the airplane on our way to Saipan.  We have walked down to this beach before, and when I saw it from the air I knew right away that bright blue spot is the place called Shark’s Hole.  It is a fantastic snorkeling spot and it’s a fun, beautiful 30 minute hike from where you can park your car.  So we made plans to ‘rough it’ on a Saturday and we planned a small camping trip to Shark’s Cove!!  We headed out on Saturday after field service and we were back home on Sunday with plenty of time to spare before our 3:00 Sunday meeting.






Here are the ‘survivors’ heading out for an adventure!  Jason and Miki Schultz, Jared, Marisa, Travis and Lacey.  Look out Shark’s Cove, here we come!!










The 30 minute ‘hike’ is really just walking along the beach.  Usually there are a few locals fishing along the way, but other than that, there is no one around. 





Setting up camp.  Thanks to Marisa and her $10.00 find, we had a tent!  And for some reason, the sand seemed so soft as we were setting up the tents.  But it sure didn’t feel soft later that night as we didn’t exactly get the best sleep ever.  :)  But what an unbelievably beautiful setting to spend time with good friends.  We had a great time!

Travis and Jared gathered coconuts and Jason collected firewood for the campfire.  The girls were busy chillin in the water.




                   The sunset was AMAZING.  Definitely one of the best we have seen yet!!


We feasted later that night on freshly caught lobsters and parrot fish cooked over our campfire.  Travis, Jared and Jason braved the water after dark to catch our dinner.  And Jason even spotted a shark!  After all, it is called Shark’s Hole!

IMG_4357 IMG_4355


We survived the night…barely!  What a refreshing 24 hour break from our busy lives at here at Bethel!  Even though we got back to our car and we were back at the Branch in ten minutes, it felt like we were a world away for that one night.   Jason and Miki head back to California on July 1st, we are really gonna miss them!!

25 May 2009 what a place!!
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IMG_4146 IMG_4148

A view that makes you want to jump!!  This is Talafofo Bay, one of the many scenic spots to see when driving to the south side of Guam.  The south part of Guam is beautiful!  A nice drive around the south part of the island just making a few stops takes around 3 hours.  But if you want to stop and swim, or take a some short hikes, then you need an entire day!  We haven’t had a chance to take an entire day to go around, but this past weekend we took a morning drive with a couple from our congregation.  As you can see, it was a gorgeous morning!

23 May 2009 Asan Beach Park
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These pictures are from a congregation gathering back in September.  It was a going away party for a couple that were serving as International Volunteers here at the Branch.  Yes Bo and Michelle, I’m talking about you!  What a beautiful setting for a get-together.  In fact, we had another going away party there in February.  We attend the Central Congregation, and let me tell you, Central ROCKS!  We have around 80 publishers and we have the Chinese group in our congregation.  We have made some great friends here, and we love being in Central Congregation.




03 May 2009 guam scenery
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Here are some sights around the island.  There are so many beautiful things to see on Guam!!  But while we have seen some magnificent scenery, the most beautiful part of the island are the brothers and sisters we are able to be with.  We can’t wait to introduce you to many of the wonderful people helping made this an awesome experience for us!  But until then, enjoy these pictures…it sure doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by such great scenery!sany0471-400011-400sany0469-400anniversary-039-400anniversary-006-400 sany0448-400anniversary-004-400anniversary-030-400150-400145-400033-400