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14 Sep 2012 District Convention 2012
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As always, the district convention was an exciting and busy time here in Guam.  Missionaries and other delegates from the outer islands converged on Guam to be part of this exciting event on Aug 3-5, 2012.


Baptism is always a highlight…but this year, of the seven baptized, two were from our congregation and very special to us.  And to top it off, Travis had the privilege of doing the baptizing.  Travis studied with Jacob for the past year, and the Perez family has treated us like family since the moment we arrived on Guam.  We love them! 11 year old Renee….well, she needs no words to describe how special she is.



I’m happy to use up most of my lunch guest passes during the weeks before and after convention!  It’s so fun to invite friends from the outer islands in to see bethel.  They show so much hospitality to us when we are in the islands…its really the least we can do to repay their kindness.


12 Mar 2011 tsunami warning
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Hi friends

I just want to post a quick note to let you know that all is well here in Guam.  As you know, Guam was under a tsunami warning following the earthquake near Japan.  But nothing much really materialized in Micronesia, and everyone is safe and sound.  The disaster relief committee was quick to organize sending warnings out to all the islands, and where necessary friends were moved to higher elevations away from the coastline.  Travis was in Chuuk when the earthquake occurred, and the only consequence was that his flight back to Guam was cancelled which extended his stay there. 

Thank you for your emails of concern…..hopefully this post will put a few more minds at ease.   Please continue to pray for the brothers and sisters in Japan and other affected areas.

29 Jan 2011 we are fam-i-ly
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Here we are, the entire Guam Bethel family. 

We have our crazy moments….for example…”lets all get in the stairwell for a group photo!” 

Sunday evening was our third annual ‘floor party’.  With all of our crazy schedules, it takes careful planning to find an evening that we can all come together. 

But its definitely worth the effort: the food, the fun and the friends.  

17 Dec 2010 container madness
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the ebeye project is unique in many ways…..actually it is unique in almost every way you can imagine.  this project involves a lot more shipping than normal as all materials for the project have to be shipped to the island.  last week jared and marisa were in majuro arranging for the loading of the first barge of block, sand and aggregate to be shipped to ebeye.  if you look closely at the picture, you can see marisa standing by the barge.  wow!


meanwhile, back at the branch it was container madness!!  we worked feverishly to pack a 40’ container with materials for the project.  our priority was getting the materials to ebeye for constructing barracks for the construction group to live in.  but also included in this load was some rebar, appliances, food, beds, and most of the plumbing and electrical supplies for the kingdom hall and missionary home.  to make a long story short, we learned some valuable lessons on how to pack a 40’ container with 67,000lbs of materials.  we spent three evenings loading and unloading, loading and unloading. (unloading because of being overweight, and then out of balance)  but the beauty of it all was seeing so many willing to jump in and help us.  if it had only been the members of the kingdom hall construction desk (travis, jarrod klingbeil and myself) then it would have been an impossible feat.  but many members of the bethel family saw our plight, and willingly helped late into the evenings.  we also called in the troops, great friends from some of our congregations that were more than happy to help.  what a week!  here are some photos of our late night fun container unloading and loading.






Kevin strikes a pose.  This is what happens when an accountant gets out of his bethel office….


Rachel and Veronica were a huge help.  Their parents Dave and Valerie Daniels are Kingdom Hall construction servants in Ebeye.


I think someone from every department in bethel helped us with this container.  Looking pretty and happy despite the late hour is Tomoko (laundry queen) Dawn (housekeeping hotline) and Tabatha (kitchen-chef extraordinaire).  Kristin is here too, one of my good friends from the Barrigada congregation. 

They are getting ready to load these doors into the container….you go girls!







Herb and Hide take a well-deserved break.  Awww isn’t that cute?







Others that helped us included Matt Lee (his brother Kevin is a kingdom hall construction volunteer right now), Atsushi, Barak, Roger, Keith, Mel, Chris, AJ, Vince, Micah, Leroy, Chelsea, Dave, Wayne…..and there are possibly others I am forgetting.  Thanks to everyone!!


Finished!  Or are we??






Ok, now we are finished for real!!


Around midnight after the final packing, travis received a surprise courtesy of micah and chris…..this is one way to celebrate being finished!!



23 Jul 2010 update
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Well it has been a few months since I posted anything, so before I put some pictures up I wanted to share a quick summary of what has been happening.   The Guam Branch is buzzing with activity as usual and the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk has been busier than ever.  In April, the first new Kingdom Hall was completed on the island of Pohnpei.  There are about 100 publishers in Pohnpei so we were thrilled to hear that 176 were in attendance at the first meeting in their new Kingdom Hall.   The Kingdom Hall in Pohnpei was dedicated in May.  In the meantime, the Kingdom Hall construction group has moved to Kosrae to begin working on a new missionary home and Kingdom Hall.  They started constructing the missionary home first, and a few weeks ago we were able to visit Kosrae and help with the roof pour of the missionary home.  What an experience that was….more details about that day and the fun week with the group will be coming soon. 

Exciting things have been happening in the Marshall Islands too.  The Marshallese translation team, currently working at the Hawaii branch, will soon be relocating to Majuro.  As you can imagine, the publishers in Majuro are looking forward to having the team live and work in Majuro, where no doubt they will be an asset both in the field and in the congregations.  Not to mention that most members of the translation team are originally from Majuro so they are really excited to be returning home.   So the challenge was to find or build a suitable home and offices for the translation team.  A recently constructed new home, that seemed it was built exactly for what was needed, was found.  The home owner agreed to let us do some renovations to the home, including adding-on two additional rooms to serve as offices for the translators.  A small team of six construction volunteers (2 from Pohnpei, 4 from Guam) were sent to Majuro to complete this small project.  Travis and I were able to help with the final phase of this project, and the three weeks we spent in Majuro were truly unforgettable.   You will love the pictures from Majuro!

Where did July go??  The time seriously flies by here!  Our District Convention is August 6-8 and all the missionaries will be flying in from the outer islands for the convention.   It is a very busy time around bethel because preparations are being made to have missionary meal and also family night! 

So that is my brief summary of the past few months.    Now I will try to get to what you really want to see……pictures!


04 Apr 2010 march madness
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Yes March was a busy month for us!  Lindsay and Iris Gill from the Australia branch were here for the month and we really enjoyed the time they spent with us.  Lindsay Gill is the Kingdom Hall Projects Overseer and works very closely with the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk here in Guam.  An added bonus during the month of March was having Ross and Josie Thomas, also from Australia bethel here in Guam.  Brother Thomas works in the Australia Regional Engineering Office and it was really nice getting to know Ross and Josie.  We enjoyed every minute spent with them and it was wonderful to learn from such experienced brothers and sisters.  We are learning more and more every day!  Also this month we had our Circuit Assembly and of course the Memorial, so it was a very busy month!  Here a few photos from the past month.


IMG_5971Lindsay and Iris Gill with us at the Circuit Assembly,

yes I’m having my cup of coffee at lunch time.



Ross and Josie Thomas



Here we are with the Frooches at the Memorial.  This month has been such a blur that I forgot to mention how HAPPY we are to have Jared and Marisa back with us in Guam.  They went to Australia for a two week ‘vacation’ in October that turned into a four month medical stay at the Australia branch.  We are just glad the the cankle is better now.  :)  They were a temporary part of the Australia bethel family, but now they are back in Guam where they belong.  And there is plenty of work for ALL of us here.  Now things are back to normal, apparently Marisa and I are ‘twins’ because some people still can’t seem to tell us apart.  Its very amusing!


Enjoying a few of the sights Guam has to offer.


Iris and I managed to find a way to place our last few tracts on the day of the Memorial

16 Aug 2009 Guam Bethel Family
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                  A recent picture of our bethel family taken after Monday night Watchtower study.


GetAttachment.aspx - Copy

27 Jul 2009 My favorite tour group
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You would be surprised how many visitors we have come and tour the Guam Branch.  I would guess about half those touring the Branch are Japanese brothers and sisters vacationing in Guam.  But I want to introduce you to Alice and her seven sons.  Alice is from the island of Yap, and she is Bible Study that attends the Barrigada Congregation here in Guam.  She and her sons are a delight to be around.  Her oldest son Kevin recently gave his first talk on the Ministry School.  Travis and I also have a great time with the boys when they are able to join us for soccer on Sunday nights.  They toured the Branch on a Monday, which is my day to work in the kitchen.  One thing I usually get to do on Mondays is make the tour cookies!  And I was more than happy to give these eager boys each a cookie.  They also joined the Bethel family as guests for lunch.   So let me introduce you to my favorite tour group so far:  Kevin, John, Sam, Michael, Ethan, JJ, Jeremiah and their mother Alice. 



31 May 2009 kitchen remodel
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 Once in a while, we get an opportunity to jump in and help get a big project finished here at the Branch.  There are a lot of construction projects in the works at the Branch.  We have three International Volunteer couples that are feverishly working to remodel 4 of the residence rooms.  In the meantime, the kitchen had been in need of some updates for a long time.  So during the last few weeks that the Kingdom Hall Construction Group was still here on Guam, they tackled this not-so-small project.  It is the Bethel Kitchen, and none of the Bethelites volunteered to go hungry during the remodel :) so everyone had to work together, and the majority of the work had to be done on the weekends or after kitchen hours.  We were so happy to help with the work, even if it did mean a sacrifice of our free time on a few weekends. Our opportunities to actually ‘work’ in construction are limited now that our assignment is at the Kingdom Hall Construction Desk so we had a great time working on this project with ones from local congregations that volunteered to come and help.

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