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14 May 2012 guam south….first meeting
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After 4 months of hard work, the Guam South Kingdom Hall was complete….just in time for the special talk on April 8th.  The next day, Vinnie, Chris and Tyrone left for Pohnpei to help Group B for a few weeks.  The Guam South project definitely went by quickly….it was sad to see the group leave Guam.  But it is exciting to know that another Kingdom Hall has been completed, and we know there is more work that needs to be done in the islands of Micronesia.  Now both groups are on the the island of Majuro….more pictures of that coming soon!

11 Jan 2012 guam south
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the guam south project is well underway!  with awesome congregation support and an enthusiastic construction group, the project will be done in no time.  so I figure I better get some pictures posted because before we know it, this Kingdom Hall will also be finished!



as you can see, just a few short weeks later and a lot of work has been accomplished.  the columns have been poured and we spent the day prepping for the slab pour.  definitely a great way to spend our saturday!



while a large crew was working on the site, travis and a group of fine young men were digging holes for the fence to go around the property.  they all had a great time together, and afterwards we drove down to merizo pier to go for a swim.   nate, brandon, spencer and jared….looking forward to many more good times with these guys!!


on a side note….we have ALMOST all of KHG-A here on guam.  11 out of the 12 are settling in quite nicely.  scibettabelieve one of them is still in ebeye, due to an unfortunate issue involving a passport, a container, and a blonde. 

31 Dec 2011 can guam handle 2 johnsons???
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russell and elizabeth……welcome to guam!!


wait… that another johnson joining us in this photo?? 

oh…that’s amy, we will take her as a johnson any day!