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06 Sep 2011 chuuk
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Wow, pictures of Chuuk are WAY overdue.  Construction group B has been working tirelessly in Chuuk for months, and I can’t believe I’ve failed to put any pics of them on here!  The project in Chuuk sounds simple enough, renovating the former Kingdom Hall into a translation office and missionary home.  But in Micronesia, nothing is really ever as simple as it sounds.  But despite a few obstacles, its coming together quite nicely, and they’re hoping to wrap things up soon.  Here’s a few pictures from a visit in July, just before our District Convention. 



Polli… did I miss getting any pics of you??  I’ll get you next time!  Smile


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the best little helper…

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she likes flowers…

This is Mahrain, although I may be spelling it wrong.  She had fun with my camera, as you can see, she likes to take pictures of flowers.  Yes, she took all these pictures.  She is a great little helper, and very smart too!  She speaks English, Chuukese and Ponapean.  Simply adorable!


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a few interesting sights…

The blue building made me laugh, you can’t really see from the picture but it is called DFS.  Yes, there is a DFS in Chuuk.  No, not the fancy Duty Free Shops selling all the name brands, this is the Deal Fair Store….DFS.  And what exactly is an oriental hamburger?  I have no idea….. 


After Chuuk we went to Ebeye to help with the second story roof pour.  Amazing!  Hoping to post pictures of that soon too…