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20 Jan 2012 ebeye….the finished product…!!!
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New KH 006

Isn’t this building beautiful??  The dedication of the Ebeye Kingdom Hall will be on Saturday, January 28th.  What a grand witness has been given on this tiny island! 

22 May 2011 ebeye
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Let me tell you a little bit about this tiny island called Ebeye.  It is in the Marshall Islands and the total land mass of Ebeye is .14 square miles.  Yes, that is .14, about 1/8th of a square mile, also about 80 acres if that is easier for you to picture.  Now for all of you in Missouri that can visualize 80 acres, now imagine 15,000 people living on that 80 acres.  Now you can picture Ebeye.  But I hope you are imagining people that are beautiful and happy, even though they live in what most people would consider less than desirable circumstances.   This was my first time to visit Ebeye, and all those beautiful people made a deep and lasting impression on me.  I can’t wait to go back!  It was fantastic to work with the KH construction group and to see first hand how hard they are working there along with the very excited and eager Ebeye congregation.  Needless to say, on an island this small, the construction of the Kingdom Hall is being noticed by everyone.  Everything about this project is unique, including the fact that it will be a two story building – a Kingdom Hall with a missionary home on top.  Enjoy the pictures of this amazing project. 


for several days my assignment was to help out at the beach….no, I guarantee it is not what you are thinking.  at the ‘beach’ in ebeye we have the enormous task of sifting the sand, then loading it into the truck, driving to the site, and unloading the sand.  this assignment has been great for the many youths in the congregation that are SO eager to help with their kingdom hall, but too young to safely work on the site.  they willingly shovel sand at the beach every saturday, and because we needed a lot of sand on the site for the slab pour, we spent a few days shoveling sand. 


29 Jan 2011 rebar, rebar, and more rebar
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last month local volunteers here on Guam had an opportunity to offer help for the construction project on ebeye.  one container of rebar was delivered to the branch, and a team of volunteers started cutting and bending rebar for the columns and beams.  Jarrod Klingbeil also headed up constructing a ‘practice’ column, as the ebeye project will be our first two story building.  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.






this container of rebar was shipped to ebeye a few weeks ago.  so far, nine containers of equipment and materials have arrived in ebeye for the construction project.  travis was in ebeye last week with the construction group so hopefully I will have some photos from ebeye to post when he arrives back on guam.