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28 Jan 2011 pumpkin pie anyone?
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Renee and LaceyI want you all to meet a friend of mine, 10 year old Renee Li.  Isn’t she adorable?  She has the difficult task of trying to teach me new Chinese words from time to time.  I was relieved to know that she thinks I’m a ‘fast learner’….. quite a compliment coming from this little smarty.  Last week we had a talk together on the Theocratic Ministry school.  I picked Renee up after work one day so we could practice, but for an illustration in the talk, I needed to know what type of food Renee did not like to eat.  So I asked her, and the conversation went something like this:

So Renee what kind of food do you not like to eat?

After thinking deeply about this for a good minute, Renee says “I can’t really think of a food I don’t like to eat….but I used to not like pumpkin pie.”

“Pumpkin pie? You didn’t like pumpkin pie?”

“No, but I do now.  I trained myself to like it.”

“You trained yourself to like pumpkin pie?  Why did you do that?”

“Because I think you guys eat a lot of pumpkin pie at Bethel, and someday I really really want to live at Bethel.”

(chuckling) “Why do you think we eat a lot of pumpkin pie at bethel?”

“Because a long time ago when I at lunch at Bethel, there was pumpkin pie.  And I didn’t eat any of it because I didn’t like it.  After that I decided if I want to live at bethel I better learn to like pumpkin pie.  So I trained myself to like it.”


Spending a few hours with Renee made me realize I should hang out more with 10 year olds like her.  She is funny, smart and she is serious about the goals she is setting.  Her parents are doing a fantastic job teaching her to love the truth.  I’m so happy to call her my friend.