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17 Sep 2012 more majuro….
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just having some fun with some of these photos….

woja party

 marshallese translation team, construction servants, bethelites and special pioneers

const group

group construction photo after the first meeting in Laura

laura kh

johnsons and brooks


allen, brennan, tyrone, rodrigo, alan, and ricky (or romar)

da girlz

long lost family….lacey, elizabeth, starlee




ellie and lace



russ-ellie uke

15 Sep 2012 russ and ellie in majuro
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the construction group really has become like family to trav and i.  so how awesome has it been to have russell and elizabeth be part of that family too.  they fit right in, and are loving every minute of their majuro experience with the construction group.  we had so much fun working with them, and playing with them.




and scibettabelieve we always have a good time with matthew

14 Sep 2012 majuro construction
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This trip to Majuro was really special, well, every trip to Majruo is special.  But this time we were able to be there for the first meeting in the new Kingdom Hall in Laura!  This also meant we were there for the week leading up to the first meeting, which meant crunch time on the finishing up the new Kingdom Hall.  But we were so happy to be there for the excitement!



The first meeting in Laura was also very special, because Tyrone gave his first public talk at that  meeting.  It was almost overwhelming, sitting at that meeting, thinking of how amazing it is to be a part of something so special.  The growth not only in the building work and seeing these Kingdom Halls being built in Micronesia, but the growth of the brothers in our construction group.  Wow.  A proud moment….sorry Tyrone, if you saw tears in my eyes during your talk.  I was so proud.



The construction in Rita is coming along too.  Soon, the group from Laura will join the group in Rita to finish the missionary home renovation.  We had an awesome time in Rita and can’t wait to see the finished product.


11 Jul 2012 eneko island
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while majuro itself is a beautiful island, there is nothing like taking a nice leisurely boat ride out to another tiny island, to enjoy some fun in the sun.  we were so happy everyone took this rare opportunity, with both construction groups working on the same island, to enjoy some recreation together on our day off.  eneko island is about a 30 minute boat ride away from majuro, and yes, that’s me driving the boat.  the pictures can do the rest of the talking….

as a side point, I might mention that it did take a little bit of persuasion to talk some into going on this day-trip.  I guess when you grow up on an island, and you are currently working on an island, it seems a little wasteful to spend money to go to another island.  but in the end, I think everyone was really happy with the day. 

120610_untitled_374 (1)


volleyball at eneko….these guys mean business!


matthew, the idea is to get it over the net.  here, let alan show you how

mustache mania needs no explanation….

25 Jun 2012 oh majuro!
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i know how long overdue i am in posting…so i may skip around here a little bit for my next few posts……but i just can’t resist putting up some pics from our recent trip to majuro, marshall islands.

both construction groups are now on the island of majuro (yay! majuro!).  group B is in rita, group A is in laura, and travis and I were able to spend some time with both groups last month.  the group in rita is working on a renovation of the kingdom hall and missionary home, while the group in laura is building a new kingdom hall.  both groups are AMAZING, there is no way to compare them so I wouldn’t even dare try.  just enjoy the pictures of both….and yes, that’s russell and elizabeth working with group A in laura. 



16 May 2011 majuro
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As if April didn’t hold enough exciting events for us (Zone Visit, Missionary Meal, Memorial, etc),  Travis and I left on April 16th for a two and a half week trip to Majuro, Ebeye and Chuuk.  First stop: Majuro.  Here we stayed with the fun-loving and very hospitable translation team that lives in Woja, Majuro.  Here’s a photo of the Woja family from early April when they were all in Guam for the Zone Visit:


We loved every minute of staying in Majuro, and while we would have loved to just kick back and enjoy the company of our friends at the Woja house, we had a lot of work to do in that week we were there… get a barge of materials loaded and on its way to the construction project in Ebeye!

Here is the boat loaded and ready to go, along with a few pics of the loading process


These large bags each hold 1 cubic yard of aggregates, and there are about 230 bags on this boat.  The boat (the Deborah K) took about 36 hours to sail from Majuro to Ebeye.  

We stayed a bit longer in Majuro than originally planned (yes there is a story, no I do not want to tell it) and while we were very anxious to get to Ebeye to be with the construction group, we did enjoy our additional time with our Woja family.

11 Dec 2009 majuro
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Majuro is one of the Marshall Islands, the Easternmost point of the Guam Branch Territory.  The flight from Guam to Majuro is on ‘the island hopper’.  Majuro is the fifth and final stop of the island hopper so it takes 8 hours to fly from Guam to Majuro.  Travis was scheduled to travel to Pohnpei to visit the Kingdom Hall Construction Group and while he was out, a 3 day stop in Majuro to check out a few things there.  I got to tag along again and this trip was so neat!  Four of the Majuro missionaries were off-island while we were there, but Paul (who has been in his missionary assignment in the Marshall Islands since 1978) took good care of us and we really enjoyed staying with him in the missionary home.  Majuro is a long, skinny atoll and there are two Kingdom Halls, one on each end.  There is also a group that will hopefully one day have their own Kingdom Hall in the middle of the island.  This is where we attended the meeting and it was a wonderful experience!


This is along the one road on the island.  Notice the ocean on both sides of the road.

Yes, it is really this narrow in many spots!!


Meet some of our brothers and sisters!


PB160054 PB160053

Do you think they need a Kingdom Hall here??




This is Paul, a faithful missionary in his assignment in Majuro.  And a good cook too!!  I love his Fox hat, but he took it off for this picture!  :)

Sorry I haven’t posted many pictures lately!  But coming soon…pictures from the Kingdom Hall Construction in Pohnpei!!