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13 Sep 2009 palau
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We spent a busy 8 days in Palau, searching for property for a new Kingdom Hall.  Finding the land is one thing,  but then the difficult part is finding the land owners, making sure the land has a clear title and that it is not being disputed, then negotiating with land owners to see if they are willing to lease or sell some of their property.  Often the owner is chief of a certain clan, or family, and negotiation could take place in any given place.  In this case, one chief asked Travis to meet him in his office.  Travis asked where his office was and he said “over there under the bamboo tree.”  The congregation in Palau is as loving and hospitable as you could ever imagine, and desperately in need of a new Kingdom Hall.  They are bursting at the seams with about 90 publisher but around 150 in attendance.  They have recently had 5 couples from the states assigned to move there as need greaters and more are on the way.  While most of our time in Palau was spent working, we were able to see the awesome Rock Islands on our last full day in Palau.  






Travis with two local elders looking at one potential property.











Watch out for the sword grass Travis!!






Field service and buying some lunch at from a local fruit stand.











We toured the Rock Islands with 3 of the couples that are need greaters and one local sister.   





                                       Can you believe the color of this water???



coming soon…….pictures of jellyfish lake and milky way (not the stars)