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04 Sep 2009 Yep, we went to Yap!
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Travis was scheduled to visit the islands of Yap and Palau, and I was more than happy to find out I would be accompanying him on this trip.  Our two days on the island of Yap was quite the experience!  Yap is considered the most traditional corner of Micronesia and it is definitely a mixture of the past and the present.  Yap is known as “The Land of Stone Money” and you can see that culture and tradition still exists in the daily lives of the Yapese people.  It was an awesome experience!  We stayed in the missionary home with the four missionaries assigned to Yap.  We were only there for two days, but we really enjoyed our Yapese experience.  We are now in Palau, with somewhat limited internet access, so I will post a few pictures of Yap now and I will try to add more later. 






Yapese stone money.













Stone Money Bank













The brothers in Yap arranged to have the public talk on Thursday night so Travis could give it.  As you can imagine, the two elders in this congregation on this isolated island were happy to have another speaker.  The talk was translated into Yapese.  Notice anything else unusual??  No shoes!  And yes, the fan is on the stage because it is HOT in the Kingdom Hall.